Antiques and collectibles for sale & my communications portfolio

Antiques Ottawa Communications

Thank you for visiting. There are two parts to this site:

Antiques, vintage items or collectibles and decoration items

Over the years I have collected many things I am now interested in selling. In many cases, I have enjoyed and appreciated them for years but I am at the point where, as wonderful as each item may be, I have too many things. I hope you will treasure them as I have.

Many of these items reflect particular places and cultures. You will find these organized both by region if associated with a culture or place and by material.

Please note I have much more than is shown here and will be posting dozens of things every month. Please bookmark and return.

How to buy (I am in Ottawa, Ontario)

The items for sale can be picked up in the Ottawa area or, in many cases, shipped to you.

Note down the item number(s) and send them to me using the contact form. Please include in the message whether you can pick up in Ottawa, need local delivery or need the item to be shipped. I will confirm the items and contact you to discuss any additional costs for shipping or delivery and we can make arrangements for payment. Payment options, for now, are e-transfer or cash in the case of pickup.

Antique Vintage Handmade Treasures For Sale

My online communications portfolio

My online portfolio of samples of my communications work is accessible by password since this work was prepared for clients and employers. If you are interested in my work or you are a potential employer, I would be pleased to provide a password. Please send me a message in the contact form.


The above link will bring you to samples of my work in the following areas: graphic design, writing and editing, websites, strategic communications, production coordination, legal work, media relations, media monitoring, social media, management of people, photography, managing projects, events, publishing, research and analysis, information management, fundraising.

My work has been varied and hands-on. This makes me well suited to organizations that want things done quickly and in-house without relying on outside contractors for many activities.

My communications work seeks to be representative, diverse, sustainable and inclusive. Please contact me if you need a password to enter the above link.

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