I have worked on the conception, building, updating and maintenance of primary and project-specific sites.

My work includes the branding, organizational site plan and map, posting policies, communications plan, content plan, decisions that affect SEO, along with forms and polls. I have worked with a number of hosting companies. I have managed external relations with website builders 4 Poyntz and proprietary CMS platforms such as Edicy/Voog. I maintained and updated sites built on those platforms.

I have managed the back end of a Drupal site and WordPress sites. I chose WordPress for the site you are viewing which I built in its entirety.

I have produced graphics and web writing for many websites and worked in teams with partners where I produced the content and directed the building.


Websites evolve so most sites are not as they were when I worked on them.

Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions: I worked on a team while their site was built on a proprietary platform and I updated that site on behalf of the organization. I was again involved when that site was replaced with a Drupal site. Thereafter I provided content and graphics as a part of my communications role and I did some posting and updating.

Research Canada: when I started with Research Canada the organization’s site was built on the proprietary platform Edicy (which became Voog). I was responsible for updating and creating content for that site. Once the organization decided to invest in a new site, I worked with an employee hired to build the site and I supervised its creation. I continued to create graphics and writing for it and was a backup when it came to updating.

Health Research and Innovation Portal: This was a business concept and website that I conceived (more details about this initiative are provided elsewhere on this site). I worked with the developer to create the web site plan and provided graphics and writing.

Your Candidates your health (Election website): This site is a stand alone site designed for both advocates of health research and the federal election candidates of 2015. I provided the conception, graphics and a majority of the content for this site and supervised the building of it.

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