Event planning


I have led the preparations for many types of events. These include large meetings, board meetings, VIP meetings, parliamentary luncheons, receptions, annual meetings, conventions, outdoor fairs, launches and book tours.

These preparations have included audio-visual elements including digital screen presentations, translation booths, overseeing food, and tight schedules as well as still and video photography (I have provided the photography myself or engaged photographers).

I have organized logistics such as power arrangements, rentals of large-scale monitors and other equipment, deliveries and setup of displays with external contractors as well as staff and, for some events, managed all preparations on my own.

Venues I have worked with include: hotels, convention halls, restaurants, retail locations, and rooms within the Parliament of Canada. I have managed set ups and tear downs in high security and limited access venues and under pressure. This included security and guest lists for VIP guests, Parliamentarians, board members, members, speakers, support staff, contractors, and sponsors.

A Unique Display System

I designed a display system to replace rented systems. It featured a number of improvements:

  • Lightweight
  • Easily transportable
  • Flexible
  • Can be put up in a fraction of the time without technical assistance
  • Has a more professional custom appearance
  • Reusable and durable
  • Adaptable with 10 display components that can be spread across a room
  • Has replaceable component parts
  • Entire system cost less than a single rental of a display unit
  • Is designed to be evocative of the organization’s logo

I used lightweight black coroplast for the structure. The posters are printed at low cost on a large scale printer at Optima on styrene and then attached with velcro.

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Name Tag System

I designed a name tag system for events. These used colour-coding to identify categories of guests, staff, board members, Parliamentarians. This made it easier for people to identify who they were approaching (Parliamentarians loved this) and easier for the photographer to work the room according to priorities we gave. I used a dual copy system so that nobody would have to sign in as this takes too long. Instead they could drop a copy in the box and proceed into the room.

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