I have always been interested in the structure and process of law. For a few years I had been volunteering to help unrepresented people who needed assistance in legal disputes. I was invited to join a paralegal firm by a friend and colleague. I represented clients at proceedings of the Ontario Small Claims Court and what was then called the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal (now Landlord and Tenant Board). I prepared and reviewed contracts, agreements, legal strategy and preformed some mediation. I found that I preferred mediation and prevention of conflict over the adversarial nature of the majority of the work.

Since that time, I have reviewed applicable contracts and legislation for employers and supported some dispute resolution efforts.

In this capacity I have reviewed legislation, legal opinion and best practices with respect to CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation) and implemented systems for compliance within an organization.

I have also prepared a document to assist a non-profit with CRA compliance in their foreign activities. This document combined best practices and CRA legal requirements to produce a guide for the organization. I provided the research, writing and design.

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