My career began by starting a small publishing company and growing both the company and the skills required for every position in it.

Book publishing skills that have been used throughout my communications career:

  • Writing and editing
  • Proofreading
  • Technical computer skills
  • Office management
  • Marketing, publicity and managing customers
  • Managing inventory
  • Managing projects and schedules
  • Design
  • Events
  • Managing budgets
  • Managing staff and human resources
  • Media

This background has meant that my approach is entrepreneurial, innovative and flexible with a personal stake in success.

I have managed all aspects of publishing for clients including: publishers, authors and organizations publishing as a part of their advocacy.

Some of the books I published with Voyageur Publishing

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Some of the publications I designed and produced with the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions

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A guide I designed and produced for a client to welcome diplomats to Ottawa (contained advertising).

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