Stamps sold here are mostly lots of stamps sorted by country including old and modern eras. There will be duplication and a varieties. These lots tend to be bigger so there is some sorting. As well you can expect all conditions including some damaged but most will be sound. Any lot pictured here is the one you would receive.

#1195 This is a large lot in a 21 cm square container 7.5 cm high. You can see it is fairly full. Some of the stamps on the pages may be stuck down and require soaking.

#1196 Many stamps sorted into countries from the Francophone or French colonies.

#1197 Small lot with a lot of duplication of Hong Kong stamps

#1198 British commonwealth stamps sorted into countries. Again there is duplication here.

#1199 Stamps of Italy a mixed lot including some stamps from the 1800s up to the 1980s. Comes with an older stockbook that is blank except for the pages pictured here.

#1200 This lot of stamps from Haiti includes a number of the infamous Audubon issue.  In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the publication of Birds of America, Haiti issued an extraordinarily beautiful series of stamps. They ranged in denomination from 5 cents to 5 gourdes. They were quickly withdrawn from circulation, due to a major scandal involving the Duvaliers. The stamps were pulled out of the Scott Catalogue and have represented a bit of an oddity.

#1201 Austrian stamps in a book. Most of book is empty but you can see a number of them here.

#1202 Another small lot of 4 stock pages. Danish stamps.

#1203 This is a small lot of Vatican stamps

#1204 Small lot of Austria stamps #1

#1205 Small lot of Austria stamps #2

#1206 Small lot of Austria stamps #3

#1207 Small lot of Austria stamps #4

#1208 This is a larger lot of Italian stamps from many eras.

#1209 Mozambique stamps

#1210 Philippines including Spanish, US, Japanese occupation and independent periods