Glass items for sale

#1017 This is a antique ruby crystal jar with beautiful etching. Bohemia crystal, is glass produced in the regions of Bohemia and Silesia, now parts of the Czech Republic. 13 x 9 cm

#1340 This glass vase is unsigned but appears exactly like those of Tapio Wirkkala who designed vases to look like tree bark. It measures 17.5 x 5 cm.

#1341 Set of 8 old ruby glass tumblers there is some wear on the gold flashed rims as expected for older depression era gold-ruby glass. An attractive set of glasses. This is a great deal at less than $7 per glass. They measure 12 x 7.5 cm.

#1342 Beautiful rose bowl crystal vase in Bohemia glass. It measure 9 x 12 cm.

#1113 Martin Demaine is an artist and mathematician, he is the Angelika and Barton Weller artist in residence at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After studying glassblowing in England, he began his artistic career by blowing art glass in New Brunswick in the early 1970s. The Demaine Studio, located in Miramichi Bay and later at Opus Village in Mactaquac, was the first one-man glass studio in Canada, part of the international studio glass movement.

Demaine’s pieces from this period are represented in the permanent collections of half a dozen major museums including the Canadian Museum of History and the National Gallery of Canada. These pieces are in demand and quite expensive. The size is 9 x 7 cm.

#1277 This bowl is made by hand by a glass studio in Winnipeg. It measures 12 x 12.5 cm.

# I027 I have two cranberry glass bowls for sale, the first has petals that are not as open and the other is more open. They are great together or separate. 17 x 11 cm

#1028 I have three cranberry glass bowls for sale, the first has petals that are not as open and the other is more open. They are great together or separate. 17 x 9.5 cm.

#I027 I have three cranberry glass bowls for sale, the first has petals that are not as open and the other is more open. They are great together or separate. 17 x 11 cm. This one is similar but slightly more pinched than #1027

#1301 This is a very tall vase. It measures 27 x 9 cm.

#1553 The small vase is 10 x 7 cm.

#1029 This is a large fruit or salad bowl in a wonderful cobalt blue 33 x13 cm.

#1254 These candlesticks measure 10.5 x 8.

#1298 Cobalt plate has charming imperfections and an interesting lift in the centre. Measures 21 x 2.5 cm.

#1299 This is an old Milk of Magnesia bottle in cobalt blue. Made in USA. It measures 17 x 8 x 5 cm.

#1411 This vase has the ribbing common in depression glass and an undulating pattern matching the top. It measures 11.5 x 12 cm.

#1412 Etching design is the wheat pattern popular in the Depression era. It measures 13 x 8.5 cm.

#1488 This design of bottle comes from the 1800s. It has been reproduced several times up to the mid century. The original had cod liver oil in it. This particular incarnation was from Italy and held white wine. It measures 25.5 x 8 x 6.

#1489 This is a lovely art glass piece. I do not believe it is meant to be used for anything although it may be considered a vase. It catches the light and reflects it with its thin lustre glass. It is 15 x 5 cm.

#1413 This beer bottle has many ripples and bubbles and no seems. It also has a top that would have used some kind of clamp closure, usually a wired down cap covering a cork. The bottle is about 150 years old.

#1414 These are large wine goblets 17.5 x 8 cm, old and delicate.

#1415 People today are used to champagne flutes – the thin tall glasses – but champagne was also drunk out of glasses like these, looking like wide short wine glasses. Some have called them sherbet glasses but that is not what they were for (sherbet glasses are a thing but they look different). So get these and drink like they used to! These are wonderfully etched and delicate. They measure 9.5 x 14 cm.

#1416 These tumblers are beautifully cut and shaped. They measure 8.5 x 14 cm.

#1417 These are white wine glasses, smaller than the red goblets above in a set of 4. They measure 6.5 x 16 cm. Delicate, antique and beautiful. They are of the same design as items #1414-1416.

#1030 This is a heavy hand blown art glass bowl. 16 x 9 cm

#1031 This is an pink-orange depression glass bowl 14 x 17 6 cm. I believe this is a reproduction.

#1290 This is a small clear glass bowl for snacks. Vintage, from 1960s or earlier. 11 x 4.5 cm.

#1074 This is crystal bowl, heavy and elegant. 19 x 13 cm

#1033 A beautiful and simple amethyst bowl with clear very thin glass in the top and a deep amethyst colour on the base. Hand blown. Measures 12.5 x 6 cm.

#1255 Shaped like an apple with a stem this is a charming bowl. It measures 17 x 16 x 6.5 cm.

#1256 The red in this vase is unusual in that it is less pink than cranberry and brighter and more towards a golden red than most ruby glass. It is 20.5 x 12.5 cm.

#1226 Mid Century modern glass centrepiece by Chalet Glass. This Canadian company operated under the name Chalet between 1962 and 1975, starting in Montreal by immigrants from Murano, Italy, and then moving to Cornwall, Ontario in 1963. You can learn more about the company and its artists here. This piece measures 18 x 19 x10 cm.

#1227 Viking Glass came into existence in 1944 following a bankruptcy and restructuring New Martinsville Glass. Dean Six in the book Mid-Century Glass in America, said “Viking was one of the largest and most prolific producers of American glass that embodied the Mid-century Modern aesthetic.” It closed in 1984. This piece was likely made following the Second World War as that was a period of brief revival of silver overlay on glass, which had been popular between 1895 and 1920. By the mid 1950s it had fallen out of fashion.

#1114 These are beautiful delicate etched pink depression glass candlestick holders. They are 12.5 x 8 cm.

#1418 This tiny candle holder is so exquisitely made you will marvel at the skill to do it only 5 x 7 cm. It comes from a world famous glass factory in the heart of Venice and is the pride of Italian glass. The colour comes with the use of real gold in the manufacture. This piece comes with the original box and guarantee papers.

#1219 Ritenhoff in Germany is the maker of these glasses for Aalborg (Denmark). Aquavit is a Scandinavian liquor that is 40% alcohol and distilled from potato or grain mash and includes herbs predominantly caraway and dill. It is somewhat similar to vodka and has been produced since the 15th century.

#1115 This is a rare old souvenir of Chinatown from during a period when the Chinese Nationalists were trying to get as much support from the United States government as possible both for their war against Japan which ended in 1945 and the civil war between the Nationalists and the Communists which ended in 1949. The nationalists fled to Taiwan bringing the flag pictured here with them. It measures 12 x 9.5 cm.

#1015 Crystal tray by Shannon Crystal, an old traditional Irish design. It measures 30 x 16 cm.

#1032 I think this is a double inkwell that takes a specific kind of bottle that you would drop in. I could be wrong. It is definitely old. I have seen a triple one as well. If anyone can identify it better please let me know. It is 11 x 8 x 4.25 cm.

#1268 I cannot identify this particular figurine. It is attractive. I would be happy to hear from anyone who can identify where it was made definitively. The size is 9 x 7 x 3 cm.

#1037 This is an old and beautiful glass tray, early candlewick glass. 33 x 22 cm. Very beautiful.

#1034 This vintage shaker glass for cocktails has recipes for popular drinks along with illustrations. It measures 15 x 9 cm

#1035 This is a rather interesting decanter in that you can use the top as a measure. It is an iridescent orange glass. 24.5 x 10 cm.

Romanian hand blown decanter pitcher $20

#1036 Hand blown Romanian glass pitcher decanter. Unusual shape allowing for it to stand on a table at an angle. 29 x 2 x 14 cm.

#1142 Heisey glass jar with lid. Identified by H-in-diamond mark. The company operated from 1895 to 1957. This jar was made around the time of the first world war. The jar is in perfect condition. It measures 10 x 15.5 cm.

#1143 Indiana Glass cream and sugar with ruby coloured flashed bands. These are in great condition. Indiana Glass was located in Dunkirk, Indiana. The company began in 1896 but through several mergers and purchases became a powerhouse in glassware, known for Depression Glass, milk glass, Art Deco and Art Nouveau patterns. These pieces were produced from the 1940s until the early 1960s. They measure 9 x 8 x 5 for the bowl and 10 x 10 x 7 for the creamer.

#1162 Allied command Europe glass. A very rare and old glass. The AMF was Allied Mobile Force and was stationed in Germany. This is some real 1960s cold war history.

#1166 These candlesticks may or may not be Finnish although the glass is certainly very bright and clear and the design is Finnish. there is a small chip, not sharp on the bottom. I priced according to both uncertainty about where they are from and the chip. They are impressive to look at, nobody can see the chip underneath and they just might be from Finland. Size is 11 x 11 cm.

#1173 Three Irish milk bottles from the 1950s. they can be cleaned up or left as is. Three rare bottles. One has an old 4-digit phone number. They can be used to sort brushes for an artist, decoration in a bar, making something else. I do have a few others if you want more than these three.

#1175 You can find these on Etsy for $45-50. These are really spectacular looking with the curved stem. They are not old just very interesting décor.

#1490 This is a stein from the Ottawa Service Battalion. In 2001 the Battalion was transferred to full command of 2 Area Support Group and by 2013, 28 Service Battalion was amalgamated with the Ottawa Militia Support Section, 26 (North Bay) Service Battalion, their Company in Sault Ste Marie and some elements of Area Support Unit Northern Ontario to form 33 Service Battalion.


Glassmaking is almost as old as civilization with origins more than 4,000 years ago. The items for sale in this section will incorporate glass items including hot glass items – blown glass, glass etching, and vintage and artistic items made of glass. I have items here from Europe, America, Britain and other places. You will see depression glass, cobalt glass, cranberry glass, crystal, art glass among others.