Some of the non-profit organizations I have worked with have been predominantly member-financed whereas others rely on fundraising.

When I came to Research Canada, the organization received a majority of its funding from member dues. During the four years I was with them, this changed. Membership increased significantly, but sponsorship revenue and revenue from services to members tripled.

This was accomplished with a few key changes.

  • The sponsorship offerings were improved providing more benefits to sponsors and members and sponsorship levels were adjusted.
  • The quality of the communications materials was increased.
  • The quality and the quantity of events was increased; new types of events added
  • Campaigns added with fundraising opportunities built in
  • Increased communications with members including surveys to identify needs
  • Services were added (a media portal and services catalogue)
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New event conceived

As a fundraiser for members and sponsors and as an introduction to the organization for new MPs, I proposed a Welcome kit and event to follow the election. An envelope was prepared including materials from Research Canada and submissions from sponsors. This was sent to MPs prior to the Welcome event. The below picture includes some of the materials from Research Canada and the envelope.

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View Welcome event publication with pictures of the event.

Material designed for an AGM (CAUBO)

A program was prepared to show times and places for the program events with detailed descriptions and other program highlights. A wallet-sized agenda with locations and a map of the venue allowed members to carry directions for the day without bringing the larger program.

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