African collectibles for sale

#1121 I have not identified which part of African these panels come from. There were very old when I got them in the 1980s. What is remarkable about them is the amount of detail. They measure 18 x 41 cm and 31 x 30 cm.

#1122 These are believed to be mid century. I have had them since the early 80s and they were old then. They measure 16 x 12 cm each.

#1123 This is an arresting figure. Interesting African carving. Again I must apologize for being unable to determine where this is from. It measures 29 x 13 cm

#1228 This is a large and heavy hand painted plate. It measures 29.5 cm across.

#1249 Hand made bowl matte glazed or painted on grey-black clay. 12.5 x 6.5 cm

#1002 Soapstone carvings from Kenya. They are produced by Kenyan Masai carvers. They measure 10 cm x 3.5 cm

#1134 I am not sure where this mask is from and it may not be African. I would welcome hearing from anyone who knows. I have had it for about 30 years. It measures 9 x 20 cm.

More African Items coming soon

I have many African items I will be putting up here. Please check back often. Coming soon will be some carvings and masks.

For those interested in resources about African art and antiques this may be a great reference page.