Antiques & collectibles for sale

I have many antiques & collectibles as well as décor items that will go up for sale over the next few months so please check back often. I aim on putting up a few things every week.

Please check out the categories below. I will also add more categories as appropriate. I cannot guarantee that I will have items in all categories at all times. As well, I will not list items in every category that could apply so it is good to check any categories that may apply to you.

For more information, please see details at the bottom of this page. All the items listed here are in Ottawa.

About my prices

I have tried to include items that are affordable to anyone. Some effort has gone to selecting things as low as $10. As much as possible, everything is priced well under market, although there are some quite valuable pieces with higher numbers here and there. I assure you those are more than justified.

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By Region

By material or category

Categories of antiques & collectibles for sale

I have listed my items in the cultural areas they can be associated with (if any) such as: East Asian including Chinese, Korean Japanese and Indonesian; Indian; European except British and Nordic; British Irish and Celtic; Nordic including Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finish and Icelandic; North American including Canada and the United States; Latin American including Mexico, Central and South America.

Then, I have listed the items under their materials. This includes porcelain, pottery, pewter, brass, bronze, stamps, religious medals and jewelry, and wood.

I have made categories in addition to the above to include toys, books, jewelry, perfume and pill bottles, boxes which would include trunks as well as small boxes, souvenirs, gifts, paintings and prints. I created a category of curiosities which will have things that may be hard or fun to identify or just the strangely unusual. I will be adding new categories including stamps. I hope you enjoy looking through these categories.


I have tried to use the correct words for things in my descriptions although it is impossible to be correct all the time. I welcome any comments about descriptions I have used. At times I may use more generic words due to uncertainty.

Antiques & collectibles is a wide area with many terms that are not always in agreement. I have tried to use the most common terms.

I am also including here some items that are handmade or of cultural interest even though they are not necessarily vintage or antique.

Porcelain vs Pottery

I have split porcelain from pottery based on my understanding of porcelain to be “China” being made from fine-white clay. Pottery, on the other hand often uses coloured clays and is thicker and heavier. I have split my items based on this description but again, I cannot be sure that I am correct in all cases. Delft for example, is here under pottery a it is coarser than porcelain. Please forgive and correct any errors if you are up to it.


I do not claim to have any expertise other than my experience with these items or the information given to me upon my acquiring them. Any representations about origin, age, authenticity made by myself are best guesses based on my own experience. In some cases I have looked up things like sources, pottery or porcelain marks, signatures or items that look like what I have. These are provides as the best-efforts research they are meant to be and not warranties.

For those interested in East Asian porcelain and pottery marks, particularly Chinese, I suggest You will notice that reign marks on Chinese pottery typically reference the design or style and not the year made.

For modern Japanese pottery and porcelain marks there is also this site.


Condition for all items is without chips or damage unless marked in posting. Many older items will exhibit normal wear. This is based on my inspection. I encourage where possible people to visit and inspect the items when they can or if I am able to deliver them. In cases of shipping I will provide additional very close inspection when packing the items and report any issues, if any, that could have been missed in the initial description.

I want to have people as happy as possible and truly want good exchanges leading to happy people and referrals. Where reasonable, I will make efforts to accommodate the concerns and needs of anyone using this website.

Holds, purchases, shipping and communications

I understand that these items are unique and more than one person may inquire after the same item. Generally, I will not hold an item unless there are arrangements made to purchase such as an appointment to visit or payment. If I have an appointment, I will follow up and let the second person know if it was sold. Under no circumstances will I accept a premium to sell something to a another person if I have someone already coming to visit. When I give an appointment, it means the item will be here.

When it comes to multiple initial contacts for the same item, I will try to get back to people in the order they contacted me but unless there is an appointment or payment, I cannot keep the others waiting long so please try to answer me fairly quickly and accept my apologies if something is sold between my answer and your reply. Do understand that many people make initial contacts and never follow up so these cannot be considered more than inquiries. I will always try to be fair and communicate with people as well as I can.

I am located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I live in Ottawa, Ontario in the Greenboro neighborhood. Pickup can be arranged here or I may be able to drive the item to you if you are in the city. Payment may be required before delivery due to previous instances of people not showing up for a meet-up. My apologies for that.


Payment is by cash or e-transfer for now. This will be updated if I decide on other types of payments.


If you are not in Ottawa, contact me about shipping. Shipping in Canada tends to be costly but I will do my best to find a method that works for you.

Other People’s Things

If you have antiques & collectibles you want to sell here, please contact me. I might be able to help.