Jewelry, watches, perfume bottles & pillboxes for sale

#1044 Palmers of Montreal, Paris and New York had these jars made to sell perfume in the 1960s. They are replicas of larger jugs. 10 x 6 cm.

#1088 I have not identified the maker of this piece. The makers mark appears to start with an H and end with a T with something in the middle. It also has marking for 9 k for the top and bottom but the sides are marked as plate. This is not that unusual as parts of pieces like this may be solid and other not. I know some of these can be very valuable but I will place this at $120 and allow others to do the research. this might be a major find. I think it is safe to say it is old and special. It is 5.5 x 2 cm.

#1343 This is an intricate pendant with many small diamonds. It is 1 inch wide (2.75 cm). This design is no longer on their website but similar ones sell for over $400. I think this is actually more attractive than the ones currently on their site.

#1344 Tiffany designed silver pendants are sold for hundreds of dollars. This one is marked Tiffany on both the chain and the side of the pendant. If you go to their site you can see just how much of a bargain this is. It comes with their iconic box and would make a wonderful gift. The eight point star has an ancient meaning and is important in many religions.

Judeo-Christian: The number eight frequently represents beginnings, resurrection, salvation and super-abundance.

Islamic star: The Rub-el-Hizb is also known as the Islamic Star. It is found on a number of emblems and flags. The main purpose of this dividing system is to facilitate the recitation of the Quran.

Star of Lakshmi: in Hinduism, Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, has eight emanations representing: monetary, ability to transport, endless prosperity, victory, patience, health and nourishment, knowledge, and family.

Buddhism: Buddhists use an eight-spoked wheel to represent the Eightfold Path taught by the Buddha as a means to escape suffering through the breaking of attachments.

Ancient religions: The Babylonian goddess Ishtar is represented by an eight-pointed starburst, and she is associated with the planet of Venus. Today, some people equate the Greek Aphrodite, whom the Romans equated with their Venus, with Ishtar. Ishtar also represents fertility. From this source Mithraism and then Zoroastrianism brought the symbol. Other religious adopted it so that it is in most religions of the world, frequently representing heaven. It is frequently depicted in a circle.

Indigenous: The Hope symbol is represented by the eight pointed star, that is enclosed in a circle. Eight is an important number in terms of achieving balance. The Hope symbol is called Star Knowledge.

Octagrams formed from overlapping squares often emphasize duality: yin and yang, male and female, spiritual and material. Together, the they can mean both positive and negative aspects of the four elements, for example, and balancing them. If we draw the symbol of Number 8 on its side it becomes the symbol of Infinity. It is a symbol for the natural universe interweaving order and disorder, yin and yang, to create an ultimately harmonious and balanced design.

#1089 I am not sure how this was used but it is small thin, translucent and lovely. I have had it for many years but I really do not know where it came from or what its purpose is. One person told me that they make things like this in Egypt. If anyone is able to tell me more about this, I would appreciate it.

#1363 This tie clip with an old locomotive. It is 5 cm across. Some people collect these and you can find them online with different trains. I put a low price on this one.

#1193 Rare antique brooch. Some stones missing but very attractive statement piece for those who love real vintage jewelry. Elegant jewelry from the 1920s.

#1345 Gold on a shell pendant. 5 cm across.

#1346 I am not sure of the stone. This is 5.5 cm across and would make a great pendant. I cannot determine age and it came with old things to me about 20 years ago. It is a little darker than it appears in this picture.

#1347 The necklace is 41cm or 16 inches.

#1348 Vintage necklace, well made with screw clasp

#1349 Not sure the age of this bracelet. It came with some vintage things but appears newer.

#1350 Vintage bracelet large with a hinge that opens up to make it easy to take on and off and keep in place.

#1351 The bead has a hole through the head of the turtle. It was at one time on a large vintage wind catcher made by an Indigenous artist. The rest of the wind catcher became damaged and only this bone bead could be saved.

#1496 The battery would have long ago drained but it can be replaced. These are very good watches and it is rare to have one unused like this.

#1497 These are all watches that have not been checked. They do not seem to run now but likely with replaced batteries could. You could also buy these for the watch bands.

#1497 I believe this watch is from the 1960s. These are decent German watches and it is worth getting it serviced. It does not work at the moment and may require a cleaning and the winding spring. I offer it at a low price knowing this. You will have a vintage European watch for very little.

#1523 Here is an attractive piano pendent with chain. This is not vintage or old. I believe this to be Chinese made in the 2000s but a nice inexpensive piece.

#1524 This is another music bling piece. It is attractive for a gift to put on a coat. It is also likely Chinese made in the 2000s and priced accordingly.

#1565 Vintage plated chain quite heavy.

#1559 This broach pin is hand painted and highly detailed. It is from Touchstone Pottery, Antigonish Nova Scotia. The work is done by artists Don Davenport and Jim Murray

Perfume bottles, pillboxes and jewelry

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